Promising Cancer drugs won't go far
unless everyone gets genetic testing

MIT Technology Review  June 6, 2017

Dan Rhodes, Strata's co-founder and CEO, comments on the need to provide cancer patients broad access to tumor profiling to identify those who will benefit from targeted therapy drugs. 


In landmark move, FDA Approves Cancer drug for a biomarker not a tissue

MedCity News  May 24, 2017

Dr. Scott Tomlins, Strata's co-founder and Laboratory Director, comments on the accelerated approval of Keytruda for MSI-H and dMMR cancers and the opportunity to accelerate the approval of additional precision therapies in biomarker-defined patient populations. At Strata Oncology, we believe that by institutionalizing tumor sequencing and clinical trial participation across a large network of hospitals, we can help usher in the next wave of biomarker-guided precision medicine approvals. 


Should We Sequence the DNA
of Every Cancer Patient?

MIT Technology Review   June 14, 2016

To match cancer patients with drugs, one company plans to offer free genetic tests.