The Strata Lab

The Strata laboratory is a high-throughput CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified cancer sequencing facility with a current capacity of over 50,000 patients annually. Our experienced cancer next-generation sequencing team is led by pathologist and genome scientist Scott Tomlins, MD, PhD. Sequencing is completed in 10 days or less from receipt of patient samples.

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David Audish, Sr. Clinical Laboratory Technologist

David Audish, Sr. Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Stephanie Drewery, Histotechnologist

Stephanie Drewery, Histotechnologist


The StrataNGS test is a tumor molecular profiling assay that sequences DNA and RNA from limited formalin-fixed
paraffin-embedded tumor material. The test is designed to provide information about clinically actionable genetic
variants, covering all FDA-approved markers, those referenced in clinical guidelines and markers with compelling evidence
for investigational medicines. 

StrataNGS detects all four classes of genomic alterations and results include microsatellite instability (MSI), tumor mutational burden (TMB), and PD-L1.


StrataNGS was based in part on our team's prior development and validation of the Oncomine Cancer Panel (1), which was also the basis for the National Cancer Institute's MATCH assay (2).


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