Ira Maine, PhD

R&D Scientist

Ira supports the Strata Oncology laboratory molecular production assay and he helps improve the companies contribution to Precision Medicine thru the development and implementation of more advanced next-generation sequencing tests. Ira holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Texas, at Austin.

Prior to joining Strata, he worked at the Cancer & Therapy Research Center (CTRC) in San Antonio, TX, where he helped develop a Telomerase assay used in the development of Phase 1 clinical studies. After that he printed microarrays used in cancer studies performed at the University of Michigan’s Pathology department. This was followed by eight years at Johns Hopkins Medical School where he developed Next-Generation sequencing assays for the Center for High-Throughput Biology (HIT Center).

Outside of enjoying science, Ira belongs to a hobbyist woodshop in Ann Arbor called Maker Works where he likes to work with distressed & reclaimed lumber. On Sundays he volunteers at an Ann Arbor non-for-profit organization, Common Cycle, that repairs and redistributes bicycles free of charge for students and people who need a bike.