Dan Hovelson, PhD

Genome Analyst, Bioinformatician

Dan is responsible for supporting a number of ongoing bioinformatics R&D initiatives at Strata, including coordination of the Strata NCI-MATCH eligibility evaluation protocol. He comes to Strata with 8+ years of experience in academic high-throughput sequencing operations, with a focus on quantitative method development in both germline and tumor sequencing applications. Prior to joining Strata, Dan led bioinformatics analytical work in a translational pathology lab at the University of Michigan creating scalable precision oncology workflows compatible with routine clinical biospecimens (e.g., FFPE tumor samples, urine/plasma cfDNA, plasma CTCs).

Dan holds a PhD in Bioinformatics and MS in Biostatistics from the University of Michigan. Outside of Strata, he enjoys chasing his 3 kids around and traveling with his family.