What we do

Our mission is to transform cancer care through large-scale molecularly-informed clinical research.

Traditional oncology drug development and clinical care paradigms, emphasizing uniformity of management, are ill-suited to the precision oncology era of patient-centered trials and care. We believe a new model that integrates molecular profiling and cutting-edge clinical research will dramatically improve treatment options, while speeding the path to drug approvals. 

Our goal is to create a new standard of care for cancer patients, one where molecular profiling, clinical trial participation and continuous learning to inform care and research are the norm.  



Strata Oncology was founded in 2016 by leading physicians and scientists with a shared vision for realizing the promise of precision medicine for cancer patients. Since then we have raised $38 million in venture capital and partnered with leading health systems and biopharmaceutical companies to create a future in which all cancer patients have access to the best precision care.

Co-founders Scott Tomlins, MD, PhD and Dan Rhodes, PhD

Co-founders Scott Tomlins, MD, PhD and Dan Rhodes, PhD




Board of Directors

Bill Burkoth

Keith Flaherty, MD

Jan Garfinkle 

Dan Rhodes, PhD  

Prem Tumkosit   

Nicole Walker

Jeff Williams 

Executive Director, Pfizer Ventures

Co-founder, Strata Oncology, Professor, Harvard Medical School, Oncologist, MGH            

Founder and Managing Director, Arboretum Ventures

President & CEO, Co-founder, Strata Oncology

Investment Principal, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

Director, Venture Capital, Baird Capital

Founder & CEO, NeuMoDx Molecular