Discover unmet needs. Design novel studies. Seamlessly transition
new treatment hypotheses to active clinical trials. 


Strata Precision Oncology Network

A network of leading health systems fully standardized on tumor profiling and precision therapy trials


  • Network of trial-ready health systems with fully pre-screened advanced cancer populations to enroll studies in months, not years.

  • Clinical trial infrastructure optimized for rapid trial activation and accrual.

  • Proactive matching and enrollment on biopharma partner trials.



State-of-the-art tumor molecular profiling assay performed in our high-throughput, CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified lab.


The StrataNGS test sequences RNA and DNA in a single workflow and detects all major classes of actionable genomic alterations. 

  • Companion diagnostic development

  • Ability to rapidly update content in response
    to emerging data



Strata Knowledge Base

A next generation clinical-genomic database to rapidly design and test new treatment hypotheses

Design prospective studies based on real-world data, with a streamlined path to enroll patients

  • Clinical trial design

  • Indication expansion or selection

  • Novel biomarker discovery

  • Project rate of new patients

  • Real-time patient lists

The Most Efficient Path to New and Expanded Drug Approvals


Strata Partnered trials for
New Approvals

Strata Partnered Trials provides an accelerated path to new drug approvals for registration enabling, pharma-sponsored studies.

Our partners have exclusive access to large cohorts of pre-identified patients for rapid and predictable enrollment of clinical trials in specific molecular indications. 


Strata PATH for Indication Expansion

Strata Pan-cancer molecular Analysis for cancer THerapy (PATH) is a Strata-sponsored master therapeutic protocol supporting rapid and cost-effective indication expansion studies for on-market pharma drugs.