Who Is Strata Oncology

Strata Oncology is a precision oncology company dedicated to transforming cancer care by expanding patient access to precision medicine clinical trials and accelerating drug approval. Strata's national precision oncology platform serves the needs of patients, providers and drug developers by providing a link from patient screening to streamlined enrollment in mutation-matched clinical trials.


Dan Rhodes, PhD       President & CEO, Co-founder
Experienced entrepreneur and life sciences executive, 15 years in cancer genomics, informatics and diagnostics (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Life Technologies, Compendia Bioscience, University of Michigan)

Scott Tomlins, MD, PhD       Laboratory Director, Co-founder
Physician-scientist, pathologist, and expert in cancer genomics and clinical sequencing (University of Michigan Medical School)

Catherine Sazdanoff, JD     Chief Business Officer
30 years in pharma strategy, corporate & business development, licensing, legal and compliance (Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Laboratories)

Matt Martin, MBA, CPA     Chief Financial Officer
25 years as CFO for small- and mid-sized companies (The CFO Group, Compendia Bioscience, ExImWare, MCE Technologies)  

Kat Kwiatkowski, MPH     Vice President, Clinical Operations
Accomplished clinical trial strategist and operations expert for both diagnostics and pharmaceutical development (Biodesix, Affymetrix, Eli Lilly, Indiana University)

Bryan Johnson, MSEE     Vice President, Sequencing & Informatics
20 years in scientific software development, data analysis, and algorithm design (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Compendia Bioscience, Raytheon, FarmLogs)


We are looking for individuals interested in helping us make a difference. See the opportunities below and contact us if you think you could be a great fit. 

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Name of job (Link to description)

Board of Directors

Dan Rhodes, PhD       President & CEO, Co-founder, Strata Oncology

Keith Flaherty, MD     Co-founder, Strata Oncology, Professor, Harvard Medical School, Oncologist, Massachusetts General Hospital

Jan Garfinkle              Founder and Managing Director, Arboretum Ventures

Nicole Walker             Director, Venture Capital, Baird Capital

Jeff Williams               Founder & CEO, NeuMoDx Molecular

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